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Terms & Conditions

  1. The purchase of the soeasy Connection Pack constitutes acceptance of the soeasy service terms and conditions.
  2. The Terms and Conditions and the User Guide form the entire content of the agreement between the Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (Cyta) and the customer.
  3. The provision of the soeasy telecommunications service will be subject to the Telecommunications Service Laws and Regulations, as well as the terms specified by Cyta from time to time, including any future amendments, except to the extent that these are modified by the present terms, which at present regulate the relationship and contract between Cyta and the customer.
  4. Payment for the soeasy service shall be made in advance by: a) payment for the soeasy Top-up Card that is to be used for the recharging of the prepaid account, to the extent of the call credit stated on the Top-up Card or b) payment such as other means as may be specified by Cyta from time to time. Accordingly, Cyta shall issue no other bills for the provision of the soeasy service.
  5. SIM card replacements will be charged according to Cyta’s tariff plan.
  6. The mobile phone number will not be listed in the Telephone Directories or the Directory Inquiry Services 11892.
  7. Find out about the call charges here.
  8. The initial airtime and the Top-up Cards are valid for a specific period. Should activation of a new top-up Card not be made within the validity period, then any credit balance is “frozen” (cannot be used), except if, the customer credits his/her account by activating a new Top-up Card (as long as this happens before the soeasy account expires).
  9. Should the Top-up validity period expire without any new Top-up Card activation, the outgoing calls are interrupted immediately, whilst incoming calls are interrupted 7 days later.
  10. Should the customer use up the full value of the credit balance prior to the end of the Top-up validity period, then incoming calls will be allowed but outgoing calls will only be possible to emergency numbers and to activation of a new Top-up Card, up until the end of the Top-up Card validity period plus the additional 7 days from the activation date of the Top-up Cards.
  11. Should the customer not activate a new Top-up Card within 15 days after the end of the Top-up validity period plus the additional 7 days, the connection of the soeasy service will be automatically terminated and the account balance will be deleted. Thereafter, if the customer once again wishes to be provided with the soeasy service, he/she will have to purchase a new soeasy Connection Pack which will result in him/her receiving a new mobile phone number.
  12. Cyta shall not be liable for any change in customer numbers and/or inability to transfer and/or maintain the call and /or interruption of the soeasy service and/or theft of the SIM Card and/or the customer’s mobile telephone. In such cases Cyta’s responsibility is limited to the attempt to restore the provision of the soeasy service or to locate the mobile telephone.
  13. In the event of loss and/or theft of the customer’s SIM Card and/or mobile telephone, the customer must inform Cyta immediately, so that Cyta may proceed with the disconnection of the soeasy service attached to that SIM Card and/or mobile telephone.
  14. Cyta shall in no way be responsible for the correctness or not of the personal data provided by the customer during his/her registration to the soeasy service. In the event that this data is found to be erroneous, then the customer shall not be able to request full customer service.
  15. Full customer service shall only be provided to the customer after the customer calls the Customer Registration Service on 1881 from his/her mobile telephone via his/her soeasy SIM Card and states his/her personal data and Customer Code. Upon ensuring that the customer’s data is the same as the data the customer had previously provided, Cyta’s representative will ensure that he/she receives full customer service.
  16. Full customer service includes support when in touch with the Cyta Call Centre, assistance in case of loss of SIM Card and/or customer codes and/or the PIN/PUK/Voicebox Password. Full customer service also includes the possibility to disconnect the mobile telephone number if the mobile phone is lost or stolen and the possibility to retain the mobile telephone number if thereafter the customer wishes to reconnect to the soeasy service.
  17. No facility for the tracking of malicious calls or any other facility that involves checking the correctness of the customer’s personal data will be provided.
  18. Cyta may terminate the soeasy service if it has reasonable grounds to suspect that the services or the SIM Card are being used for unlawful purposes or in an unlawful way.
  19. If the connection pack is not activated within 5 years from the issue date then may not be possible to be activated. In this case please contact the Cyta Call Center on 132.

The information provided in connection packs (soeasy pay as you go connection pack and soeasy Tourist SIM), is valid on the date printed.

Download the app for direct top-up on your mobile

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