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The prepaid service soeasy offers you:

  • Reliable communication with high speeds and full 5G population coverage.
  • Easy and fast to connect.
  • No annual contract, no activation fees and monthly bills.
  • Full control of your usage and balance - flexibility to tailor your mobile data and cost to your needs.
  • Soeasy Plans from €10 - Just top-up your account and the value will be exchanged for minutes, SMS and Mobile Internet.
  • Youth plans allows you to get a device with a monthly automatic top-up.
  • Flexibility in use - You top-up the amount and as many MB, minutes & SMS you need each month!
  • Fast and easy online top-up, with a debit/credit card.
  • Worry-free roaming in the EU.

To activate your soeasy card follow these steps:

  • Insert the SIM card into your phone and turn it on.
  • Enter the PIN number found on the pack and press OK.
  • Call 1882 from your mobile phone and select your preferred language (english or greek). Furthermore your soeasy account will be credited with €1 free initial airtime (only from Cyprus).

From then on you will be connected to the Cytamobile-Vodafone network. The validity period for the initial credit (airtime) is 90 days.

The SIM card remains active for 90 days from the date of activation, unless recharged.

If you don’t top-up within that 90-day period, outgoing calls are immediately terminated.

For the next 30 days only incoming calls and calls to emergency numbers are allowed. If you again do not top-up during this 30-day period, you have another 30 days left before your soeasy phone number is automatically cancelled and the connection to Cytamobile-Vodafone network terminated.

You may choose from any of the following soeasy plans:

soeasy Classic 

  • By activating the soeasy connection package you are automatically in soeasy Classic plan.
  • The charges of this plan are according the soeasy tariffs.

soeasy Plus

  • By activating soeasy Plus, you may then proceed to top-up your account. The amount you top-up worth €10, €20 or €35 will be converted into minutes, SMS, Mobile Internet and €2 pocket money.
  • In case you top-up €5 ή €50, then this amount will be added to your main account and can be used with the basic charges.

soeasy Υouth

  • Available for ages under 27 with the option of a handset (24month commitment) or a SIM only soeasy Youth plan with a monthly auto top-up (without commitment).
  • Each soeasy youth plan includes specific content allowance (local Minutes, local SMS, GB, pocket money).

soeasy International

  • In addition to your top-up credit, you get free minutes for international calls to landlines/mobile phones in 38 countries.

Pack Validity Period Mobile Internet Price
soeasy MI Daily 1 days 400ΜΒ €1,00
soeasy MI Weekly 7 days 1GΒ €2,00
soeasy MI Monthly Small 30 days 4GΒ €5,00
soeasy MI Monthly Large 30 days 12GΒ €10,00
soeasy MI Monthly XLarge 30 days 24GΒ €15,00
Unlimited GB / 7 days 7 consecutive days Unlimited GB €4,90

Send an SMS to 8000 with the following keywords:

«MI Day» for Daily Pack
«MI Week» for Weekly Pack
«MI S» ή «ΜΙ Small» for Monthly Small Pack
«MI LRG» for Monthly Large Pack
«MI XL» for Monthly Xlarge Pack

Note: By adding a mobile internet pack via SMS the amount will be deducted from your soeasy account.

The content allowance (voice, sms, data or pocket money) provided with soeasy Plus and soeasy International Plans is valid for 30 days.

You may proceed to top-up by choosing from the following values:

Τop-up values Soeasy connection validity (days) after top-up
€3* 30 days
€5 365 days
€10 365 days
€20 365 days
€35 365 days
€50 365 days

* €3 top-up value is available only with a 16digit top-up code while supplies last.

If you are in Classic plan with all top-up values, credit allowance will be added to your soeasy number, to use for any service with the basic soeasy tariffs.

Otherwise, if you are in one of the soeasy plans including content allowance, your top-up will be converted into credit (money) or credit allowance as follows:

soeasy Plus

Top-up Minutes SMS Mobile Internet Pocket Money
€10 400 400 20GB €2
€20 1000 1000 50GB €2
€35 2000 2000 100GB €2

soeasy Youth

Top-up Minutes SMS Mobile Internet Pocket Money
€10 500 500 40GB €2
€15 1000 1000 100GB €2
€20 2000 2000 200GB €2


  • For soeasy Youth plans the content allowance (Minutes, SMS, GB, pocket money) subscription is included in the monthly subscription. So, the included content, based on the top-up value €10, €20 or €25 you have chosen, is automatically updated every month.
  • You can also top-up on your own, anytime within a month, and get credit on your soeasy number.

soeasy International

Top-up Get Additional minutes for FREE (landlines/mobiles in 38 countries)
€10 €10 15
€20 €20 45
€35 €35 90

Top-up content (min, sms and data) validity is 30 days.

Mobile Internet (Top-up)
You can top-up more Mobile Internet, by selecting the option that best meets your needs!

Top-up Mobile Internet Validity Period
€5 4GB 30 days
€10 12GB 30 days
€15 24GB 30 days

How to activate your 16-digit secret number:

  • Call 1882 and follow the instructions
  • Dial the code *115*16-digit secret number# (ex. *115*1234567890123456#)
  • Call 1883 to top-up another soeasy number

Note: You can top-up even if you are abroad.

  • Call 1882
  • Dial key code *110# from your mobile phone

You will receive an sms when you have 300MB left in your account, and again another when you ran out of ΜΒ.

If you want to continue surfing, top-up more MB from our website.

Note: Out of bundle charges are €0,15/MB.

Yes, soeasy service works abroad. For all the information you need before you travel, check here.

With soeasy Rewards plan you play games (Daily Scratch Cards, Monthly Puzzles, Sweepstakes) & earn gifts, discounts and rewards.

Further, with every top-up you collect Hearts to get more gifts.

Online through the soeasy Rewards page or on the My Cyta app.

Just enter your mobile number to log in to your account. You will receive a one-time code on your mobile phone which you need to fill in to log in.

Call me back
If you run out of airtime and you need to contact with someone urgently, with the “Call me back” service you can ask them for free to call you back. All you have to do is dial #120#.

Money Transfer
Use the Money Transfer service, to transfer money from your soeasy account to another soeasy account. Dial #105# and select the amount you want to transfer.

No, you can only top-up soeasy pay as you go plans by Cytamobile-Vodafone.

No, you can only top-up soeasy pay as you go plans by Cytamobile-Vodafone.

Download the app for direct top-up on your mobile

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